Two men are working on a screen door.Two men are working on a screen door.

About Us

Meet The Owner

Security Screen Systems was founded in 2020 by Michael Maher, US Air Force Veteran. Originally from New Jersey and an Arizona resident for over 20 years, Mike has extensive experience in home and business security as the founder and former owner of Steel Shield Security Doors and More. With combined knowledge, experience, and a proven reputation, Security Screen Systems of Arizona promises to deliver quality and strong customer service to the valley.

The CrimSafe Difference

Crimsafe® is the leading security screen system manufacturer in the world. with headquarters located in Queensland Australia, CrimSafe® is the trusted security for the world. CrimSafe® holds the only patent for their Screw Clamp Technology holding stainless steel mesh down with a series of teeth on the frame, ensuring maximum strength and tamper-proof production. While also providing a safe and easy escape with the Safe-S-Cape ADA compliant touch of a button release system.

Care Guide

Although CrimSafe® may be the strongest security product out on the market, it still needs maintenance and care to ensure its lasting quality and a sleek appearance. Even with a lifespan of 65 years and prepared in a high-grade pretreatment, Crimsafe® screens benefit from regular maintenance. Washing and waxing frames with Crimsafe® wash and wax will ensure the products sleek clean look and keep the integrity of the frame. Avoid hard cloths and make sure to rinse afterward. Crimsafe® products vary on how often they need to be cleaned, reference below to find your product and ensure its lasting durability and look today.

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